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Kakinada Municipal Election Ward Wise Winners List and Majority Download Now

Kakinada Municipal Election Ward Wise Winners List and Majority Download Now 

Kakinada Municipal Elections Ward Wise Winners : The power tie-up in the Kakinada city governing body has been vindicated. The yellow flag flanked on the Kakinada Peetham. In the election of politically motivated in the state, the city administration has won a historic victory over Telugu Desam Party. The 30-year-old Sudhagahalam was later acquired by the Kakinada Mayor seat In all 48 divisions, TDP and BJP alliance won the highest number of seats in the Kakianada Municipal corporation elections 2017 Ward wise winners name and Majority download here.

Kakinada Municipal Election Ward Wise Winners List and Majority

Kakinada Municipal Corporation ( KMC) Counting of votes for the Kakinada Municipal Corporation of East Godavari district ended. TDP 32, YSR 10, BJP, 3 and others won 3 divisions. YSR CPP candidates win in 4th Ward , 9th Ward ,15 ward ,21 Ward ,22 ward ,23 ward ,24 ward ,32 ward ,30 ward  and 47 ward in the election 2017.The number of candidates who have been in the lead TDP since the counting process began to win 32 seats and continue to dominate some of the divisions. On the other hand the main Opposition party YSR CP  won 9 seats Others won three places. 

TDP  Won the Wards and Winners Name 

(1) 1st Ward          :   Perabathula. Lova Babu 
(2) 7th Ward         :  Ambati kranthi
(3) 10th Ward       :  Mosa , Daanamma
(4) 13th Ward       :  Bala Kameswara Rao
(5)  14th Ward      :   Vanamadi Uma sankar
(6) 16th Ward       :  Gangadhar
(7) 19th Ward       :  P. Ananthakumar
(8) 25th Ward       :  k. Seetha
(9) 28th Ward       : Sunkara Pavani
(10) 31 Ward        :  Suryavathi
(11) 34 Ward        :   Thahez Khathun
(12) 37 Ward        :  Lanke Hemalatha
(13) 48 Ward        :   Sivaprasanna

YSR CP Won the Wards and Winners Name 

(1) 4th Ward   :   Surya Kumari
(2) 22 Ward    : Kishore 
(3) 23 Ward    : YSR CP

BJP Won wards

(1) 41 Ward   

TDP Rebels Won the Wards

(1) 29 Ward   :  Ramachandra Rao
(2) 35 Ward   : Rama Krsihna 

All the 48 Wards Kakinada Municipal ELection results 2017 ward wise winners Name and Majority TV9, Sakshi, Andhrjyothy, ETV, Eenadu  click below link get complete details here.


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