Monday, 4 September 2017

Balapur Ganesh Laddu auctioned Rs 15.6 Lakhs 2017 check here

September 04, 2017

Balapur Ganesh Laddu auctioned Rs 15.6 Lakhs 2017 check here

Balapur Ganesh Laddu auctioned Rs 15.6 Lakhs 2017 : Balapur Ganesh,who is interested in devotees who are interested in devotees is standing as a special attraction for the Ganesha Festival in Bhagyanagar.Balapur Laddu once again took the record price. Labrador Laddu has sold 15.6 lakhs of rupees this year 2017. Nagam Tirupathi Reddy has bagged a large amount of auction song Baldi Lauddu in the auction of  big aution from start. The auction song which started with a one thousand one hundred and sixteen rupees continues to be a tale to the end. check Balapur Ganesh Laddu auctioned  here.

Balapur Ganesh 2017 Laddu Auction winner name auction price 

Balapur Ganesha's reign in 1980 started with a loud bid for 23 years. Apart from the locals, devotees from all over the state come here to visit Ganesha. The devotees believe that we can see all the luck of the lambodar and see if he touches the laddoo in his hand. Believing that laddo in the hands of the Servant.21 pilgrims were competing to take Laddu. Last year, auction was held in the auction for 17 of the auction and 4 new laddus. Subsequently Ganesh Laddu sang the song NagamTirupathi Reddy. Last year, Ludhuda earned Rs. 14.65 lakh. Competition is growing every year to win the laddu.

Laddu in Balapura Ganesha's make of Tapeshwaram Hanifuds in ECIL. This luddu weighs 21 kilos since 2010 is dedicated to Balapur Ganesh as the shop owner Uma Maheshwar Rao. Besides Laddu, we offer 2 kg of silver bowl to Swamivar, Balapuri Ganapati, his hand luddu craze is not all. The reputation of the city has provoked all the world's interest. Balapur Ganesh is the first laddu of the year. And this laddu is so terrible ...! The Balapur people are referred to as 'Laddu' fulfilled by the demanded goal. The revenue from Laddu Auction was spent on rural development.In 2016, Medlach's Skylab Reddy has bagged Balapur Laddu for a record 14.65 lakhs. Nagam Tirupati Reddy of Jubilee Hills has earned a fortune of Rs 15.60 lakh.This laddo auction song, which is traditionally traditionally untouched by any politics, has changed the shape of the village of Balapur. The cash from the auction song is spent on development activities and social programs in the Ganesh Festival Samiti Village.


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