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Bigg Boss Telugu Winner Name ? Who is Winners Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 Check here

September 09, 2017

Bigg Boss Telugu Winner Name ? Who is Winners Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 Check here

Bigg Boss Telugu Winner Name :  Telugu People interests are different ..Their show is hard to get here. The Super Duper has succeeded to make Mind Blank for the 'Bigg Boss Telugu' season one game show. Creating sensations in the TRP,Junior NTR's debut game show 'Bigg Boss Telugu' completed eight weeks. The first season will be over in two weeks. It is not exaggerating that the viewers are sticking to TVs when the show is over and the highest ratings in the Telugu game show.In the days of NTR, less than 8 days of work, the TRP of the weekend, who is the winner in the show, is growing in the audience. The show began on July 16, and at the end of seven weeks, nine people were eliminated from Big House House.Actor Sampoornesh Babu, actress Jyothi, actor Sameer, singer Kalpana, director-film critic Kathi Mahesh, TV anchor Kathi Kartika, actor Dhanraj and actress Mumait Khan were allotted to the audience by their voting. Seven contestants are now left.

Who is the Winner Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 ?

In the eighth week, five contestants are nominated for elimination, one of whom will be Eliminate this Sunday night. Deeksha Panth's nomination for captaincy was avoided by the captain and shortly after his nomination, Shivabalaji emerged from the leak of the elimination.Prince, Adarsh, Navdeep, Archana and Haritheja are in danger of elimination. Most of the expectations are that the archana is going to start early, while Mumtim Khan and Dhanraj are likely to be at the end and will be the main contenders in the game. But in contrast to the expectations, the march was drawn out in the Archana game, Mumait and Dhanraj went out.

Tarak ( Junior Ntr) As the host was chosen as a host of 'Bigg Boss Telugu' sho, there was a huge expectation of the housemates, and many of the 'these are celebrities'! Show suspicions over the show. But for two weeks the Super Duper succeeds by passing all the suspicions.This show. An episode has a record of 16.2 TRPs. More than two crore votes from viewers in the seventh week and another 2.82 crore votes in the eighth week. In the short term, viewers were able to find out-of-pocket life for movie stars, singers and TV actors who knew very well.The 'Bigg boss' show will end on 24th of this month. On that day, the winner is the junior NTR's trophy along with the trophy of Rs. 50 lakh cash prize. The 'Bigg Boss Telugu Show' has made a positive impression on the Telugu television industry. The average hit is the Game Conqueror rating that is rated ten times more than the show or TV serial.

Bigg Boss Telugu Winner Name Check Here - Who is the Winners ? Vote Here 

(1) Shiva Balaji - Even angry man

(2) Deeksha Panth - Beyond weakness

(3)  Navdeep - Wild Card Entry

(4) Archana - Faced with criticism

(5) Hariteja -- The main competitor

(6) Prince - Sport is important

(7) Adarsh - Unpredictable opponent

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 Winners name and what is Your Mind who is the favorite season one Bigg Boss Telugu  Winners just enter Name in comment box.


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