Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Check Journalist Gauri Lankesh Murdered Live updates

September 06, 2017

Check Journalist Gauri Lankesh Murdered Live updates

Gauri Lankesh Murder : Leading journalist and writer Gowri Lankesh age 55 was killed on Tuesday night.Gauri Lankesh Murdered, Gauri Lankesh Murder latest updates, At 8 o'clock outside her residence at Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore, she was told that she had no water for drinking. Police officials revealed that the three thugs who fired on motor cycles were fired seven rounds from 5 feet.Three bullets collapsed on her forehead, neck and chest on the spot. The rest of the bullets hit the wall. The dead body was taken to Victoria Hospital for death trials. Gauri Lankesh was killed in a house that was inherited from his father check latest updates live here.

Gauri Lankesh Murder latest Updates 

The prominent journalist, writer and religious ceremonial stage leader Gauri Lankesh (55) has been investigating the government of Karnataka. At 8 o'clock outside of his residence in Bangalore Rajarajeswaram was shot dead by unknown persons. Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has said that this incident is seriously condemning.A special investigation team has been set up with the IG level officer to investigate the murder. It is not clear that the conspiracy angered by Gauri Lankesh murder was hidden. Siddaramaiah said that Gowri had recently met him but did not say he was dead. Two people posted posts on Facebook by criticizing Gowri. They said they were being taken into custody. She has four cc cameras in her house. Two of them have been recovered and police are looking at the police.

She is married only for a few years. Narendra Dabolkar, who was fomenting a burglary in the fight against superstitious beliefs in Maharashtra, was murdered by Gauri Lankesh in the manner of murders of MM Kalbaragi in Dharwada. She had predicted that her life would end. She also said this with her friends. In the meantime, she was murdered and murdered.Indian students' union and left activists, volunteers and journalists have started anxiety in various parts of the state, along with Bangalore, denouncing the assassination of Gauri Lankesh.Gauri Lankesh murdered latest live online news channels Udaya News, TV9 Kannada, Suvarna News , Samay News,Janari News, Kasthuri Newz 24, Public tv, ETV News Kannada, Raj News Kannada,  BTV News, Suddi Tv and Dighvijay TV 24X7 also socil media networks facebook, twitter, Whats app and Youtube.


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