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Live Ganesh Immersion 2017 Hyderabad Ganesh Visarjan 05 Sept 2017 Live

September 02, 2017

Live Ganesh Immersion 2017 Hyderabad Ganesh Visarjan 05 Sept 2017 Live 

Ganesh Immersion 2017 Hyderabad Live : Ganesh Nimajjanam Hyderabad today 05th September 2017 The city police commissioner Mahendarreddy announced that the Ganesh visarjan had 24,000 police arranged. At the time of Balapur Sobhayatra, CCT cameras were set up with surveillance. Ganesh has made it easy to make immersion. Accordingly, we are taking action Khairatabad Ganesh Nimajjan and Hyderabad Ganesh Visarjan Tankbund live telecast here.

Ganesh Nimajjanam Visarjan Hyderabad 05 Sept 2017 Live Tankbund

Members of the Bhagyanagar Ganesh Festival Committee and Khairatabad Ganesh Festival Committee decided to hold the Vinayaka Nimajjan Mahotsana this year on September 5,2017 (12th day).Anantha Chaturdashi is usually a tradition of conducting Vinayaka Immersion program when the Vinayakachavati festival is started. This year Anantha Chaturthi  on the 12th day of September (September 5), has decided to take Vinayaka nimajjanam program today, the two committees told media today. In 2009 and 2010 also on the 12th day of the day immersion programs were conducted. Tankbund Hyderabad Ganesh Nimajjan Live telecast available here

SobhaYatra Start 10 o Clock 05-09-2017  live

Saifabad Inspector Purnachandar said that  Khairatabad will complete the Maha Ganapathi Immersion program. The Maha Ganapathi Sobhayatra started at 10 am and arranged to complete the immersion program at NTR Marg Crane No. 4 at 2 pm.Hyderabad Ganesh Nimajjanam ( Visarjan) Live telecast Online live Tv9, Tv5, ABN Andhrajyothy, Sakshi, ETV, CVR News, I NEws, TV 10, TV1, TNEWs, NTV, NDTV, Zee News, V6News and social media Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Youtube Live telecast here.

Hyderabad Ganesh Visarjan /Nimajjanam 2017 Live click here
Khairatabad Ganesh Nimajjanam 2017 Live click here


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