Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Lord Ganesha Meat Ad in Australia check video here

September 06, 2017

Lord Ganesha Meat Ad in Australia check video here

Ganesha Lamb Meat Ad in Australia : A commercial advertising dispute in Australia The Hindus are deeply rooted on the presence of Ganesha in the ad which promotes the flesh of lambs.Immediately demanding that ban be banned. Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) released this ad on sept  4. The Hindu organizations have already complained to the Australian Standards Bureau.The Hindu community spokesperson Nitin Vashisht demanded that the advertisement be immediately banned. This ad is not only Ganesha but also the gods of other religions, Jesus, Buddha, Thor and Zeus. The Hindu community has made clear that they should all be removed from this. All these gods were sitting around a dining table and filmed an ad as if the lamb was eating. Check Video Lord  Ganesh Meat ad in Australia here.

Australia Ganesh Meat Ad Video Upset Hindhu Community

Natin said that using Ganesha in this ad would hurt the Hindu society's sentiments. There is strong opposition in social media and social media. However, the company is saying that the company does not have to go back on this add-on.MLA's marketing manager Andrew Howe said the campaign was aimed at uniting the lambs and lambs. Various religious beliefs in modern Australia have shown that this campaign has been screened to show their food rules.So whats going on there australia brod costing about this ganesh lamb mead ad check latest updates here mean while check lord ganesh meat ad in australia available here.

Lord Ganesha Meat Ad Australia click here


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