Saturday, 2 September 2017

Pawan Kalyan Counter To Kathi Mahesh Video Online check now

September 02, 2017

Pawan Kalyan Counter To Kathi Mahesh Video Online check now

Pawan Warning Kathi Mahesh : Power star pawan Kalyan target by critics kathi Mahesh  for a few days in the headlines has been reported by the Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Even though Pawan Kalyan is silent Fans is giving a direct warning  to Kathi Mahesh.Finally Pawan Kalyan indirect counter to Kathi Mahesh  yesterday Friday available video online here.

Power Star Warning Kathi Mahesh Video

Present hot topic in film industry ap and ts states one and only Bigg Boss Contest critic Kathi Mahesh because   kathi mahesh target on pawan sensational comments he is unfit for politics and also he is not  actor on pawan kalyan fans are warning to mahesh but still no change his atitude  so Power Star pawan Kalyan indirect warning to kathi mahesh yesterday interview with ABN Andhrajyothy  However, he has been criticizing Pawan for no less. Pawan has responded to this issue. When asked by a journalist in a press conference on Friday, the people who hated me were unnecessarily waste their time and damaged the body.Pawan said that he did not care about those who criticize him. And listen to Pavan's words video online now available below links check here.

Pawan Counter Kathi Mahesh Video click here


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