Saturday, 30 September 2017

YCP MLA Roja Arrested Kuwait goes viral Social media

September 30, 2017
YCP MLA Roja Arrested Kuwait : the news spread social media ysrcp mla roja arrested in kuwait ? She participated in the Navratna program organized by the members of the WCC council at a hotel in Kuwait.However the party members had complained that the police had detained some of the ysrcp leaders along with Roja.It is also learned that attempts are being made to move Roja as soon as possible to Hyderabad. Following the Dussehra holiday, Roja joined her family and visited Dubai and Kuwait. However she said that the arrest was not true.

MLA Roja Arrested  in Kuwait  ( Fake News )

She denied reports that she was arrested by the Kuwait Police of media, Roja,who participated in the 'Ysrcp Navaratnam' program in Kuwait, reported that the police had been detained. Roja responded by video to Kuwait.Participated in the 'YCP Navaratna' program held in Kuwait yesterday 30-09-2017. Nearly two thousand party people attended. The meeting was successful. The Kuwaiti police came to the site as more people met in the same place. The police were upset when the organizers clarification.

No arrests were made. At present I am at friends home in Dubai, "Roja said. He appealed to the media not to write such news without consulting him. Roja explained that she had responded by saying that the news was being reported by the Kuwait Police.So this is fake news blaming mla roja reputation don't believe that false news.


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