Thursday, 12 October 2017

Hari Teja Anchor Extra Jabardasth Replace Rashmi

October 12, 2017
Hari Teja Anchor Extra Jabardasth : Bigg Boss Hari Teja Anchor Extra Jabardasth, Hari Teja anchor Jabardasth Programme Hariteja has earned millions of fans with Bigg boss Show in Telugu. In the past she worked as an anchor. She has acted in several films. But not quite recognized. By this time the Bigg Boss Show became popular. But now the populist has brought many opportunities for Harit teja That's why the extra jabardast show in Etv is in the list of well-known social media for replace instead of  Rashmi this news fake (or ) really still noboday knows Mallemala production still not confirm official news about anchor Hariteja in Extra Jabardasth lets check now.

Hari Teja Replace Anchor Rashmi Extra Jabardasth Show

Anasuya anchor was initially a comedy show in the name of Jabardast. Then she came to the show and rashmi came to the chans. Later, another show was named after Extra Jabardast .However Rashmi was changed to anchor. The Jabardasth Show has always been anchored as an anchor again. The Mallemala team depicting the show have now revealed rashmi from Extra Jabardasth and replace her with Bigg boss Fame Hariteja.The rumor has been banned by the people for a long time, so the Mallemala TEAM has been thinking of changing her. But who will bring you to the place of Rashmi? That team came to think of these days. But in the meantime, the idea of putting a full stop on the bigg bass show is that the popular Hari teja Anchor is going to be extraordinary to extra Jabardasth.

The Mallemala team thinks that her popularity will also play this comedy show as Hariteja has earned millions of fans through the Bigg boss show. In addition the multi-talented haretja in the acting, singing and dancing scenes will be set perfect for this show, but it is very funny and humorous, while the show is still a good name for the Mallemala team.It was reported that they had contacted Hariteja. Today the news on social media is hull chal. Is this news true or not? lets wait and watch.


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