Sunday, 8 October 2017

Hero Raja Shekar Car Accident Hyderabad Video check now

October 08, 2017
Hero Raja Shekar Car Accident :  actor Raja Shekar Car Accident , Hero Raja Shekar Car Accident Hyderabad  video available now , Actor Rajeshasekhar hurt the road accident. After finishing the film he left the Shambhabad airport on Sunday night in the house at Banjara Hills The vehicle was hit by a self-driving vehicle at the Rajivandanagar police station on the PV Express expressway. Rajasekhar got minor injuries. Police received the information and reached the spot and carried him to the police station and conducted the Breath Analyzer. Rajeshekhar's wife received the information and came to the police station check visuals now here.

Actor Raja Shekar Car Accident Hyderabad Live updates

Rajesh Shekhar's film star has car accident hyderabad . He was driving a midnight road accident on Sunday. Rajasekhar's car was struck by a man named Rami Reddy, a surgeon who was riding on the Rajendranagar Pvt Expressway in Hyderabad. No one has any injuries in this incident. But there was a clash between the two.

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Ramireddy complained to the police on Rajasekhar that he was drunk. The incident took place because Rajahekhar was driving a mother in a dead depression and found that she did not drink alcohol in Breathe Unlijel tests, said local SI Shekhar Reddy. Finally, Rajimekhar's family members were compromised when Rami Reddy withdrew the complaint check video here.


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